Help! My husband is going through a midlife crisis

When your husband hits that midlife crisis, do not give up hope! Save your Marriage! One thing you have to remember is, all men are different. Just because you know other men do not act that way, does not mean he isn't going through a rough patch. 

He may put the blame on you, it could be his job, or possibly a death. Whatever the reason, he will only know! Try to be as patient as you can, do normal day to day routines. I know it can be very difficult to make it past the mean words spoken, 

Please do not take it personally. You're the one beside him, so he will put it on you. It time, you will see you are not the problem. Things will get better for you both!

Why most relationships fail

Does every relationship you get in fail? Do you need answers? Most failed relationships start with lack of communication! You have to open up to one another, so that you can lay out all of the issues. 

Your partner can not read your mind. Communicate, so that you are both on the same page. Trust is also a Key Word! When you experience chemistry with a person, it does not mean they are fit for you. 

You have to want the same things out of life. Understand one another. People can sometimes change in time an decide it isn't the life they want. That would not be your fault, Simply theirs!

A couple in a sexless marriage bares all

What is it that your not telling one another? There are many, many things that could cause a sexless marriage. In this case, it is because of a buried childhood secret. 

If you experience Trauma of any kind as a child, teen, or adult, it can mentally and emotional scar you and hold you back from your happiness! You always have to be 100% involved, and willing to listen, understand, and talk! 

You can help your partner get through this! Show them they can confide in you. Tell each other what you see in them. A great father, mother, wife, or husband. Emotionally be there!

My husband is texting another woman - what do I do?

There are many ways to go about the situation. No matter who it is that he is texting. Whether it be a Co-Worker, or just a friend, get your husband to understand how you feel about it but let him know you are not telling him what to do! 

Get in his head. You have to listen to him, so that you can see where the problems are coming from. Ask him questions that get him to think. Don't make him feel like he is doing something wrong. 

For example, ask him "Why don`t you text me during the day?" Express your feelings to him. But, be calm so he does not get defensive about the subject. Anger will get you nowhere! Negotiate with one another so it doesn't cause future conflict.

How to stop feeling irritated and annoyed at your spouse

Ask yourself, "What is the best way to avoid this argument?" When you feel irritated, or annoyed you have to learn to let go of some things. 

Think about how he may feel, or what he is thinking. Understanding and listening are a lot easier than getting angry and ruining a marriage. 

Be thankful! What are some of your flaws, things your spouse has to deal with? When you ask yourself these questions, you will see more clearly.

How should I deal with small annoyances in our relationship?

If, or when, you run into habits that you do not like about your partner or find annoying, look and consider. Is it so important? How they brush their teeth? What they wear? Or what kind of car they have? Etc. 

Would you want to end your relationship because of it? When you come across things you do not like, or can not get over, tell your partner! Directly! What are the problems? 

Be nice and understanding about it, but not too much to where it makes him feel like you are putting him down. If you communicate, you can work towards a better relationship.